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September 16, 2008



To borrow a couple phrases, I think all people's lives are the quest to catch the real me. I was thinking today that there are people out there that have the appearance (who knows -- maybe the experience) of being awesome. Barack Obama comes to mind. There are also the silent heroes that the visible people refer to and periodically promote (a parent, a community organizer, etc.). And then there are the rest of us: the tail chasers.

I pretty much feel like a tail chaser most of the time, but I read a post like this and I figure it's a world full of tail chasers reading each other's blog posts, press releases or hearing other's accolades, and feeling somewhat empty.

Not to cornball it up, but I did have an insight over Thanksgiving weekend: if you explain and share your successes with family and friends it feels really good.

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