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November 24, 2003


Robert Cottrell

Even better than that, the top result on Google for "willful slavery" is now this very post in which you declare that you are the top result for the Google search. There's something poetic about that.

I wonder if perhaps this is signalling the end of the usefulness of Google's particular brand of Web popularity contest. How can search results be accurately measured and ranked in the era of blogging? It seems strange that it is easier for me to post whatever comments I like and have them hosted on your site than it was for you to write the original post.

Oh, and the only reason I am writing this particular comment is to shamelessly ride on the coattails of your new-found popularity to boost my own Google rankings. After a month of blogging, I have risen from obscurity to the number two result for my name. This comment gets me one step closer to the top slot....

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