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March 26, 2004



I don't get it. All it does is show a picture of the weblog along with the search result and that's supposed to solve something? Oh, and it says "updated 4 hours ago".


Thank you for interesting news, that I mentioned in my blog, linking to yours. I think it's an extremely important step for the internet and bloggers' world. Thank you also for your nice blog. Ciao Mario

Subzero Blue

Even though I'm not usually a Microsoft basher, I think this looks like crap.

martin tobias

Thanks for posting the screen shots! I look forward to it. But this is editorailzing, not search. Then again most americans love editoralizing and want someone else to do the thinking work for them. So it will probably be popular.



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Thx! :)

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Amazing how perception of Microsoft has changed isn't it? I hated them myself 10 years ago, now I'm glad to see their software all over the place like when I go to the hospital or to see the dentist my new
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