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September 20, 2004


Andrej Gregov

Strongly Not Inclined for Mr. Product Manager.

Michael Baker

My favorite moment comes at 5:07 of the just-over-7-minutes video, when Dean says, after having rattled on interminably about Microsoft's challenges, "And I haven't even GOTTEN to the end-user yet."

So that explains it. They just haven't gotten to us yet.


I know Dean. Dean's an insanely smart guy, with a finely-tuned sense of sarcasm. He made a bunch of things at Microsoft genuinely better for customers.

This is LobotomizedDean. He's speaking at about half his normal speed (that's what executive training does to you, I guess), he's throwing out adjectives without bound, etc. If I had given this speech in front of him, he would have torn me apart.

Nona Myous

The rumor was a about former Crossgain employees, not former Westside developers. There are many ex-Crossgain employees at Google. There are no ex-Westside employees.


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