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June 21, 2005





They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Well, that, and plagiarism!


this would be funny if...wait, it IS funny.

They definately stole the look and feel of 43things, down to the fonts! Even if they provide the same service, it shouldn't look like your site.

Dave Weasel Erb

At least you're down to only two strangers in your house.


Please correct me, if i'm wrong but i think all webapps that are based on rubyonrails look pretty much the same. Take a look at backpack, ta-da lists, basecamp hq, 43 things,... they all look and feel - imho - the same.

But that's in now way a free-ride to clone an idea (to use the term copy would give those thieves too much credit...).

Even better, they say they where "inspired" by 43 Things and even post that on their site (screenshot here: http://img343.imageshack.us/my.php?image=inspiredby8gv.png)

If possible, i would sue this suckers to hell and beyond...

Josh Petersen

All the apps you named were designed by the same company (37 Signals). The Robot Co-op hired them to do the design work on 43 Things.

You might have to wait for the next wave of apps to see new designs - check out Odeo and YubNub for a start. There are more on the way.

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